Frequently Asked Questions for the Fall 2018 Data 100

Q. Who are the course instructors?

A. The course will be taught by Fernando Perez and Josh Hug.

Q. Will I get off the waitlist?

A. If you’re not on the waitlist by Wednesday, 8/22, it’s unfortunately highly unlikely that you will get into the class, especially with the earlier drop deadline in mind. We’re trying our best to accommodate everyone into the class. If you’re still interested, stay on the waitlist and complete the other assignments as they come! We’re not sure yet when or how many people we’ll be letting people off the waitlist unfortunately, but please stay tuned!

Q. My question isn’t answered in this FAQ, what can I do?

A. Preferably, phrase your question in a way that isn’t personally identifiable and file it as a new issue in this repository. We will then add a response to the FAQ, thus benefitting you and all other students with similar concerns.

If it’s really something completely specific to your personal situation that can’t be addressed in a public forum, contact the instructors by email.

Q. I wasn’t able to officially enroll, why?

A. The enrollment system as currently configured will only allow you to enroll if you meet all of the requirements below:

  • Completion of Data 8.

  • Completion of CS61A or CS88 or Engineering 7.

  • Completion or current enrollment in EE16A or Math54. Note: You must add EE16A or Math54 before DS100, otherwise the course enrollment system will not allow you to enroll.

Q. How can I enroll in the course if I have not met the exact list of requirements above?

A. You must:

  1. Join the Stat C100 (25289) waitlist.

  2. Fill out the enrollment appeals form, which certifies that you will have the needed background knowledge to succeed in Stat C100.

Broadly speaking, the pre/corequisites listed above represent fundamentals in three areas: Statistics, Python Programming, and Linear Algebra. Statistics and Python Programming are prerequisites which must be completed before the course. Linear Algebra is a corequisite, which may be completed before or concurrently with the course. However, even if you do not satisfy these conditions exactly, you can still be enrolled in the course, so long as you accept the responsibility for understanding all needed prerequisite knowledge.

Enrollment appeals form.

Q. If I fill out this form, how will my enrollment be processed?

A. Students who meet the pre/coreqs will be enrolled first, then space permitting, those who filled out the form will be admitted according to the order of the waitlist.

Form signatories will be processed for the first time after Phase I enrollment is completed for all continuing students. We will update this FAQ with an exact date soon.

Q. Will waitlist processing take into consideration grades or other factors?

A. No, the waitlist will be processed strictly in order, without ranking students first by grades or any other criteria.

Q. I was not able to add to the waitlist, why?

A. Please check these first:

  • Did you mark the box to Add to the Waiting List if course is full?
  • Did you select 999 as your lab and 999A as your discussion?
  • Is the waiting list full?

Q. I tried to enroll and received a message saying I’m on the waitlist, the reason being “Available seats are reserved and you do not meet any requirements for the reserved seats.”. I see many open seats available, what is going on?

A. You don’t meet the requirements, see Q. above about waitlist processing.

Q. I have a time conflict and can not attend 2/3 of the lectures. What are my options?

A. The attendance policy gives you two options:

  1. Attendance 5%, final exam 30%.
  2. Attendance 0%, final exam 35%.

Q. On the course enrollment, I noticed that students are unable to enroll in a lab/discussions section. For the enrollment process, will students mark the “TBA” option in order to enroll and once they are accepted into the course will they get to choose a lab/discussion section?

A. All students will enroll in a single lab/discussion ‘generic’ section, and at the beginning of the semester we will run a survey to allocate everyone to their preferred time slots. We’ve done this in the past and while we can’t guarantee that 100% of the students will get their #1 pick, most people do get one of their top one or two picks, so it works well in practice.

Q. What is the status of the L&S Data Science Major and/or Minor?

A. As you plan your classes for fall, the Division of Data Sciences hopes and expects that the L&S Data Science Major will be available to students in the fall. You can learn more about the current status of the Major (and Minor) on this website. Frequently Asked Questions about the Major and Minor are discussed here.

You can use the official Data001 Piazza site to ask questions from advising staff from the Division of Data Sciences.

Q. I know that each student’s experience in the class may vary, but what do students find to be the most challenging aspect of the course?

A. This varies a lot: for some it’s the programming, for others the mathematics, for others the statistical reasoning.

Q Are students expected to or should they come into the class with knowledge/skills beyond the prerequisites (e.g. additional computer science/statistics courses)?

A. A solid mastery of the material in the official prerequisites should suffice to succeed in the course.

Q. How difficult has it been for students to enroll into CS/Stat 100 in past semesters?

A. We’ve been growing the course capacity to accommodate the demand. In spring 2018, most, if not all who wanted to enroll were eventually able to do so (if not right at the start).

Q. Is it worth Phase-1ing Data 100 if I will be filling out an Enrollment Appeals Form?

A. As indicated in the previous question, we continue to grow the course capacity. We can’t make exact promises so this decision is ultimately up to you, but we will do our best to process this waitlist promptly and hope to be able to admit most of those who filled out the Appeals Form.

Q. What will be the policy for final conflicts in this class; will there be an alternate final?

A. There will be a single time slot for an alternate final, offered after polling the class for the optimal time that satisfies the most students. If the alternate time doesn’t work for you, you will have to take an incomplete and take the final the next semester.

Q. Will there be webcasts/lecture videos?

A. Yes, all lectures will be captured on video and posted promptly on bCourses. Video from previous years is also still available by navigating to the archived website for each year. These can provide useful complementary perspectives on a given topic, sometimes covered by a different lecturer.

Note that to view those videos, you must be logged in with your Berkeley credentials into YouTube, otherwise you’ll get an error message about the video not being available.