Frequently Asked Questions for Fall 2020 Data 100

Data 100 will be taught entirely remotely for the fall semester, even if campus begins allowing some in-person instruction.

Q. What are the official prerequisites for this course?

A. The official list of prerequisites are:

  • Data 8.

  • CS 61A or CS88 or Engineering 7. We strongly recommend either CS 61A or CS 88.

  • EE 16A or Math 54 or Stat 89A. This may be satisfied concurrently with Data 100, but we strongly recommend that you finish a linear algebra course before taking Data 100.

Q. Will the official prerequisites be enforced?

A. The official prerequisites will not be enforced in terms of enrollment. However, we expect knowledge from the official prerequisites for the course itself. In particular, we expect students to have taken Data 8 and assume that students have mastered the content from it.

Q. What is the proctoring policy given the online nature of the course?

A. We will use Zoom proctoring for at least one exam during the semester (the exam(s) that we choose to proctor will be announced later into the semester). We will follow all new campus guidelines to ensure a fair setup for all students that is respectful of their individual privacy.

Q. What is the alternate exam policy?

A. Each exam will be offered in two timeslots, roughly corresponding to the morning and evening in Pacific Time, to accommodate for timezone differences. Everyone must be able to make one of these two timeslots; we will not be offering additional alternates to accommodate for class conflicts.