Jump to Calendars for Discussion, Lab, and Lecture or Office Hours and Homework Parties.

Note: Some of the GSIs’ office hour locations have changed. Click on the link to see the new locations.

Discussion, Lab, and Lecture


  • Per course policies, you should only attend the discussion / lab section you are assigned to.
  • IMPORTANT: All lab sections on Wednesday from 9am - 12pm in SDH 254 are now homework parties instead. Please see the homework party calendar below for more details.

Discussion sections are in blue, labs are in green, and lectures are in yellow. Click a discussion / lab event to see the different GSIs teaching at that time.

Office Hours and Homework Party

Note: (Effective Immediately) Here are the updated locations for all GSI office hours:

  • We will not being holding office hours on Wednesday from 9am-12pm. Please attend the homework party at SDH 254 instead.
  • Monday 9-2PM: Evans B6
  • Monday 2-4PM: 320 Soda (Tentative)
  • Monday 4-7PM: Evans 458
  • Friday 1-4PM: Jacobs Design Lounge
  • Rest of Monday and Tuesday through Friday: Soda 341A

GSI office hours are in blue, Professor Gonzalez and Adhikari’s office hours are in pink, and Homework Parties are in green.